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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use A College Dating Site

College is pretty great; it’s basically just a giant party that is interrupted by classes every week. There are tons of people in one age group all in the same place, and they all want to have fun now and graduate later.

Some students want to take advantage of the next four years and remain single throughout, maybe having a casual relationship here and there. Some want to just surround themselves with friends and worry about finding love once they’ve got their degree in hand.

Other students have their hearts set on getting their degree as quickly as possible and entering the adult world, ready to take on anything in their way.

Whatever the plan for college, some students are bound to change their minds up or reevaluate what they want; some will drop out, some will change majors, and some may just get new roommates.

There are some students, though, who decide that they want to find someone to spend the rest of their life with (or the next couple years) right now. This article is for those people.

Dating in college is a great idea, don’t get me wrong. It’s just how you’re going to date that I’m concerned with.

You’re in college; there’s tons and tons of other people just like you on campus. This is all you should need in order to end your dating drought or whatever it is that’s drawing you into dating.

What I’m trying to say is that you should not use any dating sites to find a date in college. There’s plenty of eligible people around you, so you shouldn’t be lacking a date because of slow WiFi.

There are a couple specific reasons why you shouldn’t use a dating site, and below is list of reasons that I’ve curated which will show you just how dumb it is to use a college dating site when you’re in college. Ugh, I almost can’t even…


That’s really all I should need to say on the subject, but I’m going to expand on it, just for you.

There can’t be a good enough reason for you to resort to online dating when you’re surrounded by thousands upon thousands of people your age who are totally awesome and worth getting to know, even if you don’t date.

Using a college dating site when you’re in college is like wearing your boxers on your head; there’s literally no point and you’ll only look like a fool. If you’re having trouble finding a date, you don’t need to resort to going online to find someone; you just need some help opening up socially or gaining the courage to go up to someone and ask them out.

Don’t think that you’re single because no one wants to date you; we both know that’s not true. All you need is a confidence boost and you’ll be able to go up to people at parties or even be able to ask out that cute girl with whom you have two classes.

A dating site will just make you go through a process of setting up your profile and then you have to hope someone else has an account that you’d be interested in. Or, you could go up to whoever you want to date and ask them out.

Yeah, the second one is much better.

If you ask out someone and they say no, don’t take it to heart. Maybe you’re not their type, and there’s nothing wrong with that; dust off your shoulders and try again with someone else.

With so many other kids running around, you’re bound to find someone who you like and who likes you as well. It may take a few attempts, but eventually you’ll get it right and find someone you really like.

All it takes is confidence and courage, no WiFi or login required.

2: Students near you probably won’t have a college dating profile.

Other than the likes of Tinder, college students aren’t really on dating sites or apps, and for good reason. Why go through the entire process and wait around to find someone online when you can go right up to them in person?

What if you see someone cute and you try to see if they have a dating profile? The chances are that they won’t be on any dating site.

But really, when you’re in college, a dating profile seriously isn’t necessary. There are just too many people around you who are interested in dating, or casual relationships, or just making new friends for you to not find a date or meet someone new.

All of the students around you don’t have dating profiles on some college dating site because the dating pool they’d be using is literally right in front of them. There really isn’t a great reason to use a site like that when you’re still living four blocks from campus.

3: College is the place where you date and figure out all of that kind of stuff first hand.

College is four years of school, making new friends, self-discovery, and tons of memories and experiences that your parents and future children will never know about. It’s also about dating here and there and figuring out what you want in a relationship.

Dating the old fashioned way in college will help you when you date after college, even if you do it online. Going on dates will help you discover what person you’re really looking for and the social skills you employ on dates will help you in the professional world as well.

If you date in college but do it online, you might miss out on some experiences, like going up to someone cold and talking to them; this will help you easily approach a potential client or employer in the real world once you’ve graduated, and that skill will only help you. Being able to shake off nerves and go up to someone like that will help you stand out, as not many people have that kind of confidence.

By dating in college the old-fashioned way, you gain that self-confidence; you learn social skills like communicating, you discover what you want in a relationship, and make yourself a better partner for those you date in the future. You see, college really does teach you things that’ll be of use once you’ve graduated.

Using a college dating site when you’re still in college doesn’t make much sense when you can use an easy-to-use dating app like just date. It’s like a carpenter using a screwdriver to bang in a nail when he’s got a hammer in his other hand.

If you use a college dating site and you’re still a registered student, you’re robbing yourself of a lot of experiences and memories with which you can become a better person, better partner, and even a better employee or manager. Logout, meet up with some friends, and go out and have a good time while you still have the time to have a good time.

Someone might see you out with your friends and want your number; don’t rob them of the opportunity, you’ve missed enough yourself.