Top 3 Methods to Send Files via Fax
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Top 3 Methods to Send Files via Fax

Although there are numerous kinds of advanced devices used by companies today, there are still those who find fax machines functional and practical. This is why these machines are still used when sharing documents and important papers from one company to another. Since technology is improving from time to time, faxing has become more convenient and easier to use. Through incorporating fax with the Internet, companies are now able to share files and fax messages even without the use of a fax machine. Below are the three best methods on how to send files via the modern internet fax:

1. Internet Fax Features in VoIP Services

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol services function via the use of the Internet. In the United States and Canada, there are a lot of companies that offer VoIP services that provide unlimited online fax (,, itsournet fax). Another functional feature of an Internet faxing is the ability to send fax messages to emails and receive them as well. There are various kinds of VoIP plans in which you can choose from. Some of these plans offer international faxing wherein the provider will not charge additional fees. With these available features, it can be considered that this is the most advisable way of sending fax messages whether it will be for your business or for personal matters. For companies who prefer sending fax messages over other methods, this process can also be used for advertising and even sending several promotional information to numerous clients and customers at the same time.

2. Online free fax services

Another practical way of sending fax messages is through services that one can find online. There are hundreds of sites such as My Fax, Pam Fax, Pop Fax that offer faxing services wherein you will need to upload a scanned version of the document, and enter the fax numbers on the chosen sites.  Although some sites offer free faxing, it is still not adequate for big businesses. This is because these companies will need to use the service more as they grow bigger and these sites only offer limited number of fax messages to be sent daily. Because of this, you will need to subscribe to these websites and pay monthly fees that offer unlimited VoIP faxing services.

3. Creativity of ScanR

One more method of sending fax messages is the ScanR. ScanR is one of the sites that let you send fax messages through the internet and offer free basic faxing. Unlike other sites that require you to scan your documents, this site allows you to use your digital cameras or camera phones to directly transfer the files into PDF forms. Some other sites also have the same unlimited type of faxing service. However, some may find this method a bit impractical since there are documents that are not clear when using camera phones in taking pictures.

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