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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use A College Dating Site

College is pretty great; it’s basically just a giant party that is interrupted by classes every week. There are tons of people in one age group all in the same place, and they all want to have fun now and graduate later. Some students want to take advantage of the next four years and remain […]

10 Insanely Successful People You Never Knew Dropped Out of College

Your parents, teachers, and even politicians preach about how important going to college is. They say you won’t be as successful without a college education and that you won’t make nearly as much money. There are even studies that have proven college grads simply just do better in life. It makes you wonder; there’s got […]

How YouTube Changed Video Forever Online

5.) The World Feels Smaller Now Ok so it’s true, before YouTube was in our lives we could still learn about foreign countries and cultures by opening up books, mini-essays on the internet, watching documentaries and looking at photo books. However, YouTube lets us to take things a notch and learn about other countries and […]