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Country Farm and Business Management

Business and country planning is the process of planning every aspect of an agricultural enterprise to maximize earnings and profits. It is a difficult task that requires a range of technical, human and economic conceptual and analytical skills. The difficulty is that the outcome of any decision is contingent upon conditions that cannot be predicted or assured and requires flexibility in the face of uncertainty.

Management of business and farming are inextricably linked. A successful farmer must be able to consider both sides of the equation. They will need to plan their production based upon market prices and climate conditions, while also being a competent manager of finances by planning future funding plans and monitoring progress toward the goals set.

It is important that the owner earns enough income from other sources to cover operating expenses and to provide a safety insurance in the event of unplanned incidents or emergencies. A large number of public facilities are needed to accommodate customers and visitors (e.g. parking signage, education, and customer assistance).

Many ranches and farms offer an educational experience for their guests which focuses on fiber and food production and land stewardship, as well as the past of agriculture. This can be a wonderful method of attracting and keeping customers and is usually popular with the public. It is possible to get funds from a state or local agency to help pay for the cost of the education.

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