DeliPlayer - The Panel
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DeliPlayer – The Panel

DeliPlayer2’s windows are all highly configurable and sizable.
The default window presets contain commonly used controls and information fields.

You can freely arrange the windows elements.
The image on the right shows how the default panel looks while rearranging its elements. By drag & dropping the yellow, green and red bars you can remove any element or place it at another position.

… for example resulting in something like this:

Windows elements can be removed and added from/to all windows.

… until you find your very personal layout you always wanted.

i.e.: only the control buttons

or a highy integrated variation. You have almost no limitations to customize your DeliPlayer2 environment.
This window contains the following elements:

  • compact panel
  • repeat and sequential buttons
  • frequency scope
  • position slider
  • playlist
  • replay contol buttons
  • volume slider
  • effect toggle buttons
  • list name
  • list time

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